Travel agencies must better explain consequences of travel warnings: Dutch regulator

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Travel providers must better inform consumers who travel to areas with a code orange travel warning about the possible risks in advance. According to the Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM), this is not only about the risk of coronavirus infection but also about any restrictive measures that apply there. Especially because it is not always possible to cancel free of charge. 

Orange travel advice basically means that only necessary trips are allowed to affected regions. Holidays are not included. But both travel providers and travelers want to be able to travel again, according to the regulator. Travelers should therefore be well informed in advance about the possible consequences so that they can make a conscious choice.

The ACM also points out that before the coronavirus crisis, travel organizers themselves canceled the package trip if there was negative travel advice (code orange or red). With the continuation of the coronavirus crisis, this is no longer done as standard.

In addition to informing the traveler, travel providers must also be easily accessible during the holidays, according to the ACM. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, the travel organizations are also obliged to assist. This can also mean that in deteriorating conditions at the destination, holidaymakers may have to cancel their holiday. The travel organizations are responsible for the costs of repatriation. 

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